Module 01-04 - Part 3 - Connecting CloudFlare to your Domain

Okay, so you have a domain registered with hostway, but you might be looking at Hostway and thinking, "couldn't it be easier?" And the answer is "yes!" But if you also have seen other domain registrars, you know that they love to up-sell you with almost every button click. I hate that!

For both these reasons and many others, I use CloudFlare to manage my domain names (Also known as DNS - Domain Name Service). So, let me show you this incredibly powerful service, that is just the right price!

If you already owned a domain name that you want to use with this course, visit Module 01-04 - Part 3(b) and you will see the steps necessary to connect Cloudflare to your existing domain.

Audiofile: Module 01-04 - Part 3 - Connecting Cloudflare to Our Domain.mp3